Misti Alpaca

Misti Alpaca Yarn

At the base of social/the Misti Volcano in Arequipa, Peru lies the beginning of Misti International’s alpaca family legacy. Misti International was founded by the grandson of one of Peru’s first exporters of alpaca fiber.

Four generations later, we proudly carry on the family tradition, designing the highest quality alpaca and alpaca blend yarns. Misti Alpaca yarns are known for luxury, quality, and colour. Our yarns evoke superlatives such as “Softest yarn ever & Warmth without weight”. Misti Alpaca’s studio creations set us apart, as we offer Four generations of alpaca expertise.

We are united not only with our legacy and tradition that comes from 3 generations started by our grandparents, but by a friendship forged in our childhood and our shared passion and pride of being Peruvian and Arequipenos. We are conscious that Peru has been privileged with this magnificent creature that is the alpaca. The fiber of alpaca is the pride of Peru, the gold of the Andes. We are also conscious that we inherit the fiber arts and weaving traditions of ancient Peruvians, and are dedicated to bringing the finest alpaca yarn to the world markets. Through Misti International, with pride and humility, my wife Lisa and I are continuing the legacy of my family and the cultural tradition of Ancient Peru.