Gedifra Logo
Gedifra Logo

Gedifra is a well known hand knitting brand with a long European history dating back to 1922. The ability to reinvent itself once again and adjust to the changing times, we have traveled Europe to find the best yarns for the modern knitters of today. Throughout our journey we found the combination of modern technology and tradition came together at it’s finest in the hills of Tuscany, Italy. And the idea was born to produce innovative yarns of exceptional quality using only the worlds best fibers.

Staying true to our love for natural fibers also means embracing an ethical approach towards animals and environment, in all aspects of the production including sourcing only from fiber growers who respect animals. We are also inspired by natural colours; blending them with the lights of our cities and the open skies of the countrysides. Not only are our fibers and yarns an asset to the Do It Yourself culture: we also strive to create sophisticated and creative projects for all aspects of life and appeal to the urban and contemporary knitters.

With a wide range of yarns and designs that can be enjoyed by the beginner or experienced knitters, we strive to inspire women who are always busy juggling work, travel and family to help use their hobby to express their interest in fashion through all aspects of their lives whether on the go or relaxing at home.

In the Gedifra lines, you’ll see how well that dedication has paid off! From roving yarns to sock yarns, Gedifra will provide you with wonderful textures and stunning colors that you’ll find yourself returning to time and again. Be sure to check out Gedifra Patterns for brilliant ideas on how to use this luxurious yarn!