Filatura di Crosa

In keeping with tradition, Filatura di Crosa continues to produce the finest quality yarns made from the highest quality raw materials. Although ownership over the brand has changed over the years, the company continues to strive to live through and fulfil Ettore Fileppo’s original mission. We are still a family operation, making a conscious effort to estrange themselves from the corporate structure to maintain the brands integrity.

We are enhancing its globalization every day, drawing inspiration from across the world to establish new trends and styles with each passing season. We distribute across four continents in numerous countries and continue to look for new partners internationally. During our 80th anniversary, Filatura di Crosa will continue to listen to what our knitters have to say, catering to the needs of the handcraft market. By providing the highest quality products and customer service, we aim to show our immense and humble appreciation towards our ever so loyal following!